Living in Baja - a Guide to Los Barriles

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And yes, secret beaches do still exist.

Snorkel Here

A little gem of a beach we call Punta Pescadero.  You can search beaches far and wide and never come to such a special spot.  White sand with some of the best snorkeling you will find, certainly here in Los Barriles, BCS Mexico.  Pack your bags, fill up your cooler,...

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It’s a Los Barriles thing

At Caffe Encinalito of course, located in Los Barriles BCS.  The #1 Los Barriles cafe roasting its own coffee to create quality coffees, espresso drinks (flat whites/lattes), smoothies, sodas, home-baked goodies. A popular gathering spot for the locals with a quaint...

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An Awesome Sunrise

The start to an incredible day on Baja's Awesome Sport Fishing here in Los Barriles, BCS Mexico.  What could be seen as just another day here in Los Barriles I find myself soaking in these beautiful moments and not taking this incredible beauty for granted.  And what...

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