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Birding | Life in Baja California Sur

Bad Road, Good People

Yep, it’s that good old Baja saying we use in these parts.  “Bad Road, Good People”  Indeed this is truth.  As I was driving home from the office today and turned off the short bit of pavement that exists here in Los Barriles I noticed it, that long awaited sign of yes… the grader.

We live in the most amazing community here in Baja, Mexico.  You can do most anything your heart desires.  Fishing in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall being the most popular times.  Winter brings those amazing wind sports in Kiting and Windsurfing.  On those non-windy days there is Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Mountain Biking, some incredible Hiking, Beach combing, and lets not forget the now ever popular “Pickleball” and just about anything else you can dream yourself being involved with as you pass a typical Baja day.  From a vibrant Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez to a serene pastel Sunset over the Sierra de La Laguna

Yep, it is paradise indeed.  And who cares if the Bad Road home is graded.  They will get to it in good time and until then there is some incredible moment to be had with some down right Good People.

Lazy Daze of Summer…

Lazy Daze of Summer…

The days can be lazy during the summer time and these lovely Hooded Orioles remind us of the beauty that greets us at every turn, even the hot summers of Baja California Sur.

bird watching baja

Hooded Oriole

As we sat enjoying our Lazy Sunday we spotted this gorgeous Hooded Oriole amidst the beauty of our back yard.  They are truly some of my favorites, known to be solitary individuals found in pairs or small groups.  Their song is a nice greeting and always makes me feel so at home.

Our local friends have a fantastic book they have put together on the Birds We See here in Baja and they host a fantastic blog too.

Here’s to the Lazy Days of Summer and the most incredible place I know on this planet… Paradise, aka Baja!