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Turtles | Life in Baja California Sur
Snorkel Here

Snorkel Here

A little gem of a beach we call Punta Pescadero.  You can search beaches far and wide and never come to such a special spot.  White sand with some of the best snorkeling you will find, certainly here in Los Barriles, BCS Mexico.  Pack your bags, fill up your cooler, umbrellas, beach chairs and towels, and head out for an amazing day at the beach.  And don’t forget the snorkel gear.  You will be refreshed and wow’d!


Bad Road, Good People

Yep, it’s that good old Baja saying we use in these parts.  “Bad Road, Good People”  Indeed this is truth.  As I was driving home from the office today and turned off the short bit of pavement that exists here in Los Barriles I noticed it, that long awaited sign of yes… the grader.

We live in the most amazing community here in Baja, Mexico.  You can do most anything your heart desires.  Fishing in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall being the most popular times.  Winter brings those amazing wind sports in Kiting and Windsurfing.  On those non-windy days there is Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Mountain Biking, some incredible Hiking, Beach combing, and lets not forget the now ever popular “Pickleball” and just about anything else you can dream yourself being involved with as you pass a typical Baja day.  From a vibrant Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez to a serene pastel Sunset over the Sierra de La Laguna

Yep, it is paradise indeed.  And who cares if the Bad Road home is graded.  They will get to it in good time and until then there is some incredible moment to be had with some down right Good People.

Turtle Release

Turtle Release

Have you ever had the opportunity to see a Sea Turtle up close?  Better yet, how about helping baby turtles make it to the Sea of Cortez here in Los Barriles, B.C.S.?
Watch these babies make their way to the Sea  (click this link to view)
Grupo Tortuguero Los Barriles founder Noe Araiza Fiol began this program in 2009.
They have since protected, hatched, and released over 15,000 sea turtle eggs to date.  Noe noticed fewer and fewer turtles hatching, and having a young daughter, worried she would grow up and not see them any longer.

Turtles heading for the Sea of Cortez

Five species of sea turtles have reproduced between La Paz and Todos Santos.  Their numbers have dropped since 1997 due mostly to human activity.  All 5 species are endangered now; 2 on the verge of extinction.

– Did you know that turtles spend their entire lives at sea.
– Only females come ashore to lay eggs every 2-5 years.
– 50% of hatchings never make it to open sea.
– They eat crabs, shrimp, lobster, urchins, jellies, algae, and fish.
– They live 40-60 years, some to 100!

Turtle nests, dated for estimated hatch date

The nests are labeled with estimated hatch date and checked daily by Noe who started this wonderful project to insure the safety of the nests and helping the little ones make it to the Sea.  There are so many obstacles, just to be hatched.  And then, actually hitting the water is a journey for these little guys.

Just hatched, waiting to be released

From now through most of November you too can share this incredible opportunity of a turtle release and be a part of one of the most amazing happenings here in Baja Sur.  Grupo Tortuguero Los Barriles provides an amazing experience free of charge to anyone that is interested.  There are typically a couple releases per week.
It is an experience you will never forget.

Noelia Araiza helps her father

Turtle Nests

Hope to see you here in Los Barriles, the most awesome place on the planet.

Kindergarden Education and Release

Noe goes to the schools for an education day and then follows with a turtle release that the children attend, like this one on October 12, 2012.

Kody releasing his first Turtle