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Vacation Rentals | Life in Baja California Sur
Snorkel Here

Snorkel Here

A little gem of a beach we call Punta Pescadero.  You can search beaches far and wide and never come to such a special spot.  White sand with some of the best snorkeling you will find, certainly here in Los Barriles, BCS Mexico.  Pack your bags, fill up your cooler, umbrellas, beach chairs and towels, and head out for an amazing day at the beach.  And don’t forget the snorkel gear.  You will be refreshed and wow’d!


An Awesome Sunrise

An Awesome Sunrise


The start to an incredible day on Baja’s Awesome Sport Fishing here in Los Barriles, BCS Mexico.  What could be seen as just another day here in Los Barriles I find myself soaking in these beautiful moments and not taking this incredible beauty for granted.  And what better way to enjoy one of these sunrise gems but to board The Too Awesome for a day of fishing, fun, and friendship.  And let’s not forget the signature swim in the middle of the day with your Sirena (Mermaid) friends out in the middle of the Sea of Cortez.

And oh the fun we had cruising down past Los Frailes, catching a few fish, taking a deep sea swim, and then snorkeling with Sea Lions.  Ahhhh, life is good here on the East Cape of BCS, Mexico.  Check us out at East Cape Vacation Rentals and join us in the beauty and incredible Baja surroundings.


Planet Pickleball

Planet Pickleball

The Aliens have landed

The line-up

The line-up

Yes, they are here.  Pickleball players are being born each day.  This little fishing village has turned into Planet Pickleball.  It is sweeping the dirt roads of Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico and creating an entirely new culture.  And the term “Aliens” is spoken with nothing but endearment.

What an incredible addition to this amazing little piece of paradise we call home.  To see the involvement of so many people getting out and being active and having so much fun, it is priceless.  Not that we needed any extra activities but indeed this brings a whole new culture to the ease of this place.

Variety is the spice of life

Apparently variety is the spice of life.  All ages and backgrounds have latched onto this sport that I keep hearing is new but my research tells me that Pickleball has been played since 1965.

Badminton or Tennis… nope!  While it holds similarities in that there are paddles and a court you might think so.  But Pickleball is it’s own game.

 And the man who caused all the commotion

Mr. Steve Herter

Mr. Steve Herter also known as a fly fishing guru and is quite the player himself.  What started as a few getting together to pass some time expanded into a well rounded and diverse group that meet each morning at the new park in Los Barriles, BCS Mexico to Pickle around.  I have to admit I was skeptical as I watched from the side lines thinking it truly was not for me, that I needed a better work out and more to keep my mind exercised properly.  I finally got out and tried it on for size.  Boy was I wrong.  Not only is it incredible fun but the work out was fantastic.  And getting to know some people I have seen around this Village Paradise for years and am now out playing on a court and being humbled at all levels of play.  My assessment is basically that I bought a paddle at the end of my first go around and I now stop by for some play whenever I can to get a sweat on.  And a sweat ensues indeed.

So, on your next visit come on out and check it out.  Guaranteed for a good bit of fun and some fantastic people meeting.


Meet Las Casitas

Meet Las Casitas

So, you are thinking about a visit to Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico.  Well, have we got the place for you.  This lovely 2 bedroom/2 bath home is located just steps from the beach and offers the most beautiful, cozy, tranquil setting you can imagine.


The Perfect Little Hide-a-Way

This little hide-a-way has everything you need to make a Baja Vacation just perfect.
Comfy rooms and open patio star gazing.  Las Casitas located just north of downtown Los Barriles about 2-1/2 miles and only steps from the beach of the Sea of Cortez.  Beach combing, relaxing, sport fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and kiting to name a few of the wonderful things you will enjoy while here.

Start your day right

Just relax and allow the birds to greet you each morning while you sip that fresh hot cup of coffee and take in your surroundings.  Start your day right and get your feet on the beach and smell that fresh Sea of Cortez air.
It is all waiting for you here in Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico and we have the perfect spot for you to enjoy.

Check it out and plan that get-a-way you so desire.
We look forward to seeing you here in the most incredible place.

Bad Road, Good People

Yep, it’s that good old Baja saying we use in these parts.  “Bad Road, Good People”  Indeed this is truth.  As I was driving home from the office today and turned off the short bit of pavement that exists here in Los Barriles I noticed it, that long awaited sign of yes… the grader.

We live in the most amazing community here in Baja, Mexico.  You can do most anything your heart desires.  Fishing in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall being the most popular times.  Winter brings those amazing wind sports in Kiting and Windsurfing.  On those non-windy days there is Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Mountain Biking, some incredible Hiking, Beach combing, and lets not forget the now ever popular “Pickleball” and just about anything else you can dream yourself being involved with as you pass a typical Baja day.  From a vibrant Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez to a serene pastel Sunset over the Sierra de La Laguna

Yep, it is paradise indeed.  And who cares if the Bad Road home is graded.  They will get to it in good time and until then there is some incredible moment to be had with some down right Good People.

“Ultimate Sun Rise”

“Ultimate Sun Rise”

Yes, it’s a tough job but someone has to be the recipient of it.  Here on the East Cape each morning begins with an incredible, unique, Baja Sunrise.  In fact Amazing, Awesome, Spectacular are some of the other ways we describe a typical Sun Rise here in Los Barriles, B.C.S.

We are so pleased to have shared the gorgeous surroundings of Casa de Dos Perros where these shots were captured, and all it has to offer with our lovely guests, The Richardson’s who had this to say of their visit with us, “Here are some of the sunrise pictures that we took. We had a fantastic time. This house is truly amazing and I am sad to leave.”

As we exit summer and enter my favorite time of year, Fall, we reflect on all that is perfect here.  Without fail, each morning begins with a glimpse into yet another day in Paradise.  A hike in the hills, a run down a long dusty road, a little yoga, a day of fishing, or the proverbial cup of coffee in hand all welcome the morning hours of the perfect Baja Sun Rise.  So peaceful and so sure.
We invite you to experience the magic!