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Weather | Life in Baja California Sur
Snorkel Here

Snorkel Here

A little gem of a beach we call Punta Pescadero.  You can search beaches far and wide and never come to such a special spot.  White sand with some of the best snorkeling you will find, certainly here in Los Barriles, BCS Mexico.  Pack your bags, fill up your cooler, umbrellas, beach chairs and towels, and head out for an amazing day at the beach.  And don’t forget the snorkel gear.  You will be refreshed and wow’d!


Incredible Beautiful Baja

Incredible Beautiful Baja

So, while it is quite warm here this time of year I can’t begin to describe the beauty that is available when you take a break from wiping the sweat off your brow to appreciate what is beyond.

Baja Rain…

At 93 degrees and a Real Feel of 112 degrees, the viewing of all that is beautiful is just fine… that is, from the comfort of our Air Conditioned house by the way.
We love AccuWeather and it’s hourly update of what we already know to be just plain H-O-T!

We are right in in the middle of our Hurricane Season, and while we have not had an actual Hurricane or Tropical storm “yet” we have had some of the most amazing clouds in which to focus a little time on.  And speaking of time, it seems to move at a slower pace as the temperature rises.  All the more reason to pour yourself a cold one, sip on a glass of iced tea or squeeze those fresh Baja limes into a tasty Lemonada!

So, while the days linger on and the electric meter racks up usage we will find whatever is available that might inspire a photo to share, a story to write, or another reason to wipe a little sweat from our brow in order to see the distance at a better focus.  Until then, enjoy wherever you are and don’t forget to wipe a little sweat from your own brow from time to time.  Life is Good!